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US Blanks Eric Arakawa designed 6'6 ″ EA. 6 ′ 06 1/2 ″ long x 21 7/16 ″ wide x 2 7/8 ″ thick with a 4mm PLY Stringer. Our biggest seller. Shaper's Comments: This fills the gap between the 6'3 ″ EA and the 6'9 ″ EA. In the original catalog, this blank was called the 6'8 ″ EA. After remeasuring, the true dimensions of the blank measured 6'06 1/2 ″ so it was renamed 606EA.

Notes: We offer any stringer, density, rocker, or color in any blank. So many variables limited only by your imagination. See or download the latest US Blanks blank catalog, stringer configurationinformation, rocker information, foam choices or foam color options here.

US Blanks - the world's best selling blanks - are without doubt the strongest, accurate, most user friendly foam on the market. Surfboards made with US Blanks have the best feel according to all research. The stringers are straight, clean and easy to plane. The foam cleans up so well. The plugs are from the best shapers, bar none. Plus you get custom rockers, colored foam, colored glues, a huge range to choice from, and total respect! We've seen foam companies come and go - this is the foam from which all our production is produced, and we recommend (and guarantee) every blank we sell.


VAT Included |
  • US Blanks Eric Arakawa designed 6'6 ″ EA.

    6 ′ 06 1/2 ″ long x 21 7/16 ″ wide x 2 7/8 ″ thick with our stock 4mm unidirectional PLY Stringer .

    Best seller. Alternatives: 604MB, 604 EA, 609EA

    Contact us for your US Blank Custom. You can choose between about 30 combinations of Stringer, 6 densities for PU and 2 for EPS, modify the rocker profile compared to Natural Rocker, and choose the color of the foam. Consult the US BLANKS catalog and contact us privately for your Blank Custom.

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