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Shape House

ShapeHouse was born from the idea of ​​reaching a deep connection with the true spirit of surfing to give everyone the opportunity to design and build their own surfboards with the best materials available.

Shape House was born after the birth of a son, and the idea that he could choose surfing as a lifestyle, without forcing or constraints, but through stimuli that an environment like the life of a father who lives by surfing could have given him.

After a decade of repairs, modifications to old boards and an interest in the world of shape, the first board to be entirely made from design to final polishing was a 3 foot board for Nathan who had yet to see the light.

From there, first in the open, then in a greenhouse and then in a garage, other boards were produced.

The study of techniques and the search for ever better materials gave birth to the idea that this activity could be undertaken by all surfers, through a tool like our site that could facilitate the implementation of the various phases of construction, guides and advice to create work tools with the minimum possible economic expenditure, and the proposition of the best materials.

Because making and riding your own board offers satisfaction and a wonderful feeling!

Our commitment has been to facilitate all surfers to become shapers and enjoy the gratification of sliding on the waves on a board designed and built. We think that building a board to have fun in the waves is not just a job for professionals, but that everyone who has a minimum space to work, be it a small garden or a garage, and a little skill in handling tools and materials can make your own jewel with your own hands. The professional will be able to create a board with the utmost attention to detail through the experience accumulated on thousands of boards made. We like to think that everyone can make a table on which to have fun. We strive to make surfboard building easy and fun for everyone.

Shape House initially aimed primarily at the surfer who has no pretensions to surfing a technically perfect board, but who wants to explore and expand their experience in the world of surfing (and save a lot of money) by shaping their own surfboards at home. Complete kits include all the materials, tools, education and online support to guide anyone to build and have fun making their own surfboard for the first time. The online “Help” space will allow you to ask questions about any stage of the construction and will show the answers to the questions posed by other novice shapers.

After reaching agreements with foreign suppliers to offer the top of the material in the surf market for performance, our goal was to facilitate professionals in giving them a trusted local supplier. Shape house is now a supplier for professionals.

The constant search for the best materials at the top, and the close collaboration with SEABASE, has allowed us to provide professionals with the best materials in circulation, US BLANKS, HEXCEL, RESIN RESEARCH, SILMAR, COLAN AUSTRALIA etc. and give them the opportunity to obtain the best tables possible. SHAPE HOUSE is the largest supplier in ITALY of material for the production of surfboards.

Our growth has allowed us to realize a great dream of ours, to offer a professional space open to all surfers, from the international professional shaper to the surfer who wants to learn how to make a board by following courses of authoritative shaper or simply has the desire to observe make your own table.

SURFCOVE - SHAPING BAY was born in Livorno


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