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Surfboard Shaping Kit for Boards from 6'6 "to 6'11" - EPS Blank Preshaped / EpoxyResin

Kit includes:

- An EPS Blank with density 30/35 kg / m3 Preshaped upon sending files in Aku Shape or Shape3d format. It will remain for you to model only the rails and concave; the rest is done by our machine based on your design. Indicate with a message if you require the blank whole or split in two to leave space for the Stringer, and the thickness of the stringer you intend to insert;

- Enough Kick Kwick Resin Research epoxy to finish your board;

- Enough fiberglass to finish your board;

- Additive F by Resin Research as required

- Amount of Cab-O-Sil, powder to make your resin suitable for the installation of Plug Fin or Leash;

- First Quality Leash Plug;

-1 A4 sheet of rice paper to print your logo;

- N.2 10 cm (4 ") disposable brushes to make your hot coat;

- N.1 Spatula for lamination


EPS + EPOXY Surfboard Kit for Boards from 6'6 "to 6'11"

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