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EPS + EPOXY Surfboard Shaping Kit for Boards from 8 'to 9'2 "

Kit includes:

- A Blank in EPS density 25-30 kg / m3 Pre-shaped behind sending files in AkuShape or Shape3d format or drawing with outline and rocker complete with reference measurements in PDF format. You will only have to shape the rails and concave; the rest is done by our machine based on your design.

- Enough Resin Research Kwik Kick epoxy to finish your board;

- Enough Hexcel fiberglass to finish your board (6 + 6 + 6 ounces);

- Additive F by Resin Research as required - Amount of Cab-O-Sil, powder to make your resin suitable for the installation of Plug Fin or Leash;

- First Quality Leash Plug; -1 A4 sheet of rice paper to print your logo

- N.2 10 cm (4 ") disposable brushes to make your hot coat;

- N.1 Spatula for lamination 160 mm

- N. 5 Woods for Mixing resin

N. 2 1 Liter Graduated Receptacle


EPS + EPOXY Surfboard Shaping Kit for Boards from 8 'to 9' 2 "

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