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3M Professional anti-chemical anti-UV masking tape

ultra-resistant 48mm x 50 meters

High performance professional scotch designed to provide perfect lines when masking

even at very high temperatures. It adheres perfectly to all surfaces, leaving no residue,

even if exposed to UV rays for no more than 14 days.

I strongly recommend its use in the hotcoat phase for masking, the excessive cost of this

top product will save you a lot of work when it comes to sanding. Highly

a scotch tape of this type is also recommended when laminating the deck, when it is necessary

mask over the lamination of the bottom, as the irregularity of the hardened fabric

would require perfect adhesion and resistance to temperatures,

Available roll of 48 mm x 50 meters, in blue color.

Professional masking tape anti chemical agents Anti UV 48mm x 50mm

VAT Included |
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