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S2-Glass is the commercial version of the "S" glass fiber, which cannot be purchased because it is still prohibited

Made by heating impurities in fiberglass, S2 - Glass is a purer form of E-glass with better qualities to make laminates more rigid and resistant. Higher mechanical performance such as 20-30% increase for tensile strength and modulus, 50% for impact and fatigue resistance; minimal degradation of these parameters at high temperatures; marked resistance to corrosion and aging. It requires higher melting and spinning temperatures and is therefore much more expensive than "E" glass.

Strong and clean, S2-Glass is ideal in situations that require lightness and strength. Use S2-Glass Hexcel and Resin Research epoxy and you can even forget the board under the hood of your car. Likely to come out without bruises.
Recommendations: If you use it on the deck, use it on the bottom as well.

Hexcel S2 Glass 4533 6 oz 30 "(76 cm) roll

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