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66BE - 2880 is the latest addition to Silmar, a methacrylate version of the 249 BLH, with the exact same "color". A large resin, even more flexible and resistant to UV rays. Like the previous BLH, the 66BE - 2880 optimizes the possibility of making white or colored plates with pigmentation, making it versatile for both options. Unlike other Silmar composites, 249 BLH and 2880 have a dark optical brightener, but not as dark as the BB series, called "double blue". This is a low styrene emission resin.

Silmar 249A and 249BB and BLH available to order. Contact us.

Available in 1kg, 5kg, 22.5kg and 226.8kg (45 US gallons) containers.

The MEPK CATALYST is sold separately

Silmar® brand SIL66 is by far the most used resin in surfboard manufacturing for over 30 years, sold all over the world and with a sales volume that surpasses all other competing resins combined.

This resin is transparent, resistant to UV rays and a low viscosity which favors a quick impregnation of the fabric. Easy to use, with precise gel and cure times, fast and stable resin.

Resina poliestere Silmar 66BE - 2880 da laminazione

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  • Conditions to Avoid: Exposure to excessive heat or open flames, storage in open containers, prolonged storage (6 months), storage above 38C °, and contamination with oxidizing agents.

    The quantity of MEKP catalyst to be added to Silmar polyester resin is calculated based on the temperature of the room in which it is used. In general, at an ideal temperature of 24C °, 1% is used in the lamination phase, 2% in the Hot / Gloss coat phase.

    See the table of Quantities of additives for polyester resin in the different processing stages.

    A quantity of MEPK is added or removed, if the temperature is lower or higher, taking into account that the extreme limits (not recommended) of temperature are 15C ° and 32C ° respectively 3% and 0.5% of MEPK in lamination.

    To create the resin from hotcoat or gloss coat, add 2% STIRENTE PARAFFINATO to the lamination resin.

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