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Resin Research Kwik Kick Ultra, system composed of epoxy resin (Component A) and relative hardener (Component B). The latest epoxy resin released by Resin Research with a high bio content. Stable to UV rays, clear (very clear), safe (does not contain solvents), fast (at 32 ° the table can be turned upside down after only 30 min with 11 min of processing), resistant and easy to use, Kwick Kick Ultra is by far the best and safest epoxy available today.

Easy mix ratio with hardener at 2: 1 by volume or 100: 45 by weight for trouble-free use.

Ultra clear laminates when used with our Hexcel fiberglass.

With the use of Kwick Kick the production of EPS / epoxy boards will be very fast, with times similar to the PU / Polyester system. Similar to polyester resin in total polymerization times but with longer times for processing, i.e. before it begins to densify.

With an ambient temperature of 25 degrees ° C, the ideal temperature, it has a working duration of 12 minutes and the possibility of overturning the table after only 1.5 hours.

At 21 degrees ° C, optimum temperature, it has a working time of 18 minutes before and reaches the solid state after only 90 minutes !!! This means the possibility of building an EPS / EPOXY board in 2/3 days!

Excellent color balance, UV stability, variable cure speed, easy mixing ratios, extremely low vapor pressure, excellent chemical adhesion and glossy finish make this resin system easy to use and an effective and positive production contribution for all, from small craftsmen to large-scale producers.

In addition to the reduced times, the high Bio content and a less toxic hardener than its competitors, the continuous scientific research of Resin Research has led to the revolutionary Additive F !!!!

Additive F (See page Additive F, the invention that revolutionized epoxy resin), makes the hardened resin easily sandable and free from annoying bubbles or fisheyes caused by impurities !!! An additive exclusively invented for Resin Research and incompatible with other epoxy resins, which allows to eliminate the problems and disadvantages of epoxy resin compared to polyester and to maintain all the advantages in terms of strength and flexibility that epoxy has compared to polyester. polyester resin.

This combination with Additive F makes Resin Research the indisputably most used epoxy in the USA and the most desired in the rest of the world !!!

1.5 kg Kit available; 3Kg, 6Kg, 15kg, and 30Kg;


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