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TRANSLUCENT pigment in paste compatible for polyester and epoxy resin.

Add about 1% in the weight of the resin; vary according to the transparency you want to obtain.

These paste pigments are used to give color to the resin, both epoxy and polyester. Since the pigments tend to affect the properties of the resins, one must never exceed in quantity.

In polyester resin, it is recommended to have a strong and dark color, 6% of the weight, never more than 10%.

In epoxy resin, never exceed 5% of the weight.

Mix well before adding hardener or hardener.

The colors do not faithfully represent the images and can differ significantly.


PriceFrom €10.70
VAT Included |
  • Write to us to order shades not in stock or larger quantities.

    Compare the swatch of colors available in order here

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