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Semi-face mask in soft rubber complete with two filters for protection from organic vapors and solvents. CE 0426 / EN 140: 98

Interchangeable filters included in the package, (also available in spare parts at our store) compliant with the EN 14387: 2004 + A1: 2008 standard. Cod. 310 / A1: for ORGANIC GAS / VAPORS with a boiling point higher than 65 °. Also included are 2 separate filters.


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  • The choice of the respiratory protection filtering device is linked to the nature and risk deriving from the conditions in which it operates.

    When choosing the filtering device, it is necessary to take into account the protection factors, the type of filter to be used, the filtering capacity of the device and analyze the conditions of the environment in which it operates.

    Normally in a glassing room, the substances harmful to health which it is essential to protect oneself with regard to breathing are the following:

    - Styrene / Styrene / Styrene (polyester resins, additives in paraffin solution, etc.)

    - Methylethyl ketone / Methylethyl ketone / MEPK (catalyst for polyester)

    - Toulene / Toulene (Additive for Epoxy Resin)

    For all these substances, a category A filter type is recommended.

    A higher category filter (economically more expensive) does not have any superior type of eccicacy towards such substances. A higher frequency in filter replacement is recommended.

    These filters are not suitable for protection against solid dust (sanding room).

    For greater awareness it is recommended to read the rules governing the use of filters. A very intuitive and comprehensive guide can be found by clicking on the following link:

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