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Polyester resin surfboard repair kit in a professional way !!!

The complete kit contains:

- 250 g of Silmar polyester UV resin from hotcoat (paraffin) The addition of paraffinized styrene makes it easy to sand.

- 20 ml of MEPK catalyst to be added to approximately 1-4% of the quantity of polyester resin.

- 50x65 cm of 4oz Hexcel fiberglass fabric

- 0.1 liters of microspheres for creating putty;

- Plastic spatula to laminate the glass fabric over the broken part.

- 1 jar to mix the resin.

- 1 Razor Blade one edge Made in USA

- 2 flat woods, like ice cream stick, to mix the resin

- 1 graduated pipette for adding additives;

-1 brush.

- Various grit abrasive papers

- Paper instructions to learn how to do the repair

Polyester Resin Surfboard REPAIR KIT (Ding Repair Kit)

VAT Included |
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