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Personalized lesson by a well-known and authoritative professional Shaper always by your side.

The blank is not included, you will have to buy it separately.

At the end of the session you will have your blank modeled.

Furthermore, for you, a 15% discount on the shape house shop.

You choose what to do next:

Take the blank home: If you want, you can take the blank home and complete it as you want and wherever you want.

Rent the lab and finish the surfboardcove: Rent of the workshops without time limits at a cost of 45 euros to give you time to finish your board.

You will have a cabinet at your disposal.

Leave the table to be glazed by our artisans: Leave the table to be glazed by the artisans of Surfcove. Then Collect it or receive it by courier.

Finish the table with us: Finish the table with us, followed in all stages by our artisans.

Remember, even here, you will get dirty!

Shaping Course

PriceFrom €325.00
VAT Included |
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