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All COLAN AUSTRALIA UD Carbon (unidirectional) tapes are designed and manufactured specifically for surfboards using the finest materials, 3K carbon for maximum strength and Hi Clear fiberglass for complete clarity.

One-way (UD) woven tapes are used to add tensile strength and load in a specific direction. This type of tape is most commonly used in the construction of EPS / Epoxy surfboards to replace the traditional wooden stringer from nose to tail, or as a parabolic reinforcement, or to reinforce specific areas in the deck or add resistance on rails or tail. .


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  • Venduto al metro lineare per 45 mm di larghezza. 

    Questo è uno dei più popolari e poiché è disponibile in 9 diverse larghezze da 20 mm a 120 mm è possibile adattare l'esatta quantità di rinforzo necessaria per ogni costruzione.


    Fibre Carbon
    Product Type Woven Tape
    Construction Unidirectional
    Density 200 g/m2
    Width 45 mm
    Thickness 0.20 mm
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