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Once you have tried it, you will no longer use Epoxy without Additive F

ADDITIVE F is a miracle in the production of epoxy surfboards. Incredibly effective for numerous features. During lamination, Additive F helps impregnate the fabric, reducing the amount of resin needed, and more than anything else it eliminates the possibility of forming “blushes”, or non-clear areas. "Blush" is what causes the banana peel effect, or stretch marks.

During the Hotcoat, Additive F eliminates the so-called “blush”, empty bubbles or “fish eye”, and other contamination or surface defects and increases the hardness in Barcol. The increase in Barcol makes the board easy to sand and improves the bond between the different layers and consequently also the flexibility. It also does not interfere when new layers are added as paraffinized styrene does in polyester resin. This means that there is no need for any sanding between layers.

NOT SUITABLE for other EPOXY resins! This additive reacts with chemicals found in other epoxies (Non cycloalephatic). Use only with Resin Research epoxy.

How to use Additive F:
1% of the amount of epoxy (excluding Hardener) in lamination ce

2% of the quantity of Epoxy (excluding Hardener) in Hot / Gloss Coating

Available for shipment in bottles according to the ADR regulation of 125 ml useful up to 6 kg of epoxy resin diluted to 2%.

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