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Shapehouse offers a fast shipping service at reduced costs, to safely bring fragile and particularly delicate products directly to the homes of our customers.

The price of the service is divided into several weight ranges, based on the weight / volume actually shipped.

The delivery will take place in 24/48 hours from the evasion from our warehouse, and it will be possible to have a traceability of the package on the website of our partner

It will be possible to use the cash on delivery at a cost of € 4.70

After your package has been shipped, we will email you the code to track the package on the website , so that you can prepare to receive the package.

The important thing that you will need to remember before signing the courier form is to check to make sure that the package has arrived intact. If the package shows obvious traces of dents, holes or cuts in the packaging, you can ask the courier to wait for an internal inspection of the individual products to identify any damage and be sure that all the products ordered are there.

If one or more products are damaged or lost, the customer MUST:

  • Mark in the notes on the shipping receipt before signing: (eg. "Hole in the packaging", "depression in the blank", "no 2 products" etc.)

  • Take and keep a copy of the shipping receipt;

  • Contact us as soon as possible and no later than 24 business hours;

  • Do not use damaged materials and keep them for possible inspection;

  • Take photographs of damaged products and / or packaging

If the products in your package are damaged and you have not followed the aforementioned "MUST", we CANNOT guarantee any refund for the damage.


When blank or entire surfboard construction kits are ordered, being oversized packages, the shipping methods and costs change depending on the following factors.

The price of the Extra Large shipment will be calculated on the basis of the taxable weight, or the greater of the real weight and the volumetric weight of the shipment, and in the case of blanks it will obviously be the volumetric volume.

The actual weight is the actual weight, expressed in kg, of the shipment.

The volumetric weight is given by the following formula: (Height x Width x Length) / 3333

In this way you can understand that a stringerless board that with packaging has the measure of about 60 cm x 18cm x 180 cm, through the formula described above the weight would be 58.32 kg, for which the price range 50 -70 kg, at a cost of 22.99 euros.

Also for this type of shipment it is highly recommended to purchase insurance for a small fee. Contact us if you want insurance. For shipments with insured value on which the service is requested, a surcharge of 5 Euro is applied for shipments with insured value up to 500.00 Euro. For shipments with an insured value over 500 euros, the following 0.60% on the value of the insured goods is applied following the basic rate of 5.00 euros.

When ordering, specify how you want your preshaped blank, whether stringerless, or cut in two and with the width of the stringer (usually 4mm, 6mm for medium-short boards, or more for long boards), so that it is ate the foam to give him space.


Below are the rates for international shipments by wheel, in Europe.

For non-European shipments, for now we cannot ship resins and additives or blanks but we are working on it.


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